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Pre-Induction Training for Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta

On the 20th May 2016, Rotary Club of Kakarvitta organized a Pre-Induction Training as the initiation of forming a Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta. On the training 58 youths participated. As resource persons we had Rtn. Santosh Rijal (GSR & District Training Committee Chair, 2015-16), Rtr. Sarad Joshi (Charter President of Rotaract Club of Birtamode Midtown), Rtr. Birodh Subedi (Charter Secretary of Rotaract Club of Birtamode Midtown). Resource Persons enlightening about the History, Present State & the functionality of Rotaract Club. We also had a Video Session where we presented some clips about the Rotaract. Rtn. Santosh Rijal highlighted about the bonding between the Rotary & the Rotaract. After that we had a questionnaire round. On the Plenary Session, Rtn. Radeeka Gurung (President Elect of the club) welcomed all the guests & the participants where Rtn. Dilip Subedi (Past President of the club) shared information of the club & also kept Vote of Thanks. President Rtn. Raju Maharjan kept is words about how proud its is to be a part of Rotary Family & invited all with the open heart to be a part of it. Rtn. Sujan Pradhan (Secretary of the club) conducted the Program where he also shared information about the current state of the club.

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President Elect\’s & Secretary Elect\’s Training 2015-16

On the 25th – 26th March 2016, President & Secretary Elect, Rtn. Raju Maharjan & Rtn. Sujan Pradhan attended the President Elect\’s & Secretary Elect\’s Training jointly organized by 4 Rotary International District 3292, 3250, 3020, 3262 at Bhubaneswar, India. Rotary International President Elect Rtn. John F. Germ was the Special Highlight of the event where he visited each section personally & kept his vision of his tenure.

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Rota Quiz 2015-16 [Region-7]

On 19th Dec 2015, Rota Quiz 2015-16 was held in Kakarvitta, where 4 clubs, Rotary Club of Kakarvitta, Rotary Club of Birtamode, Rotary Club of Damak, Rotary Club of Bhadrapur participated. Rotary Club of Damak was able to be the winner scoring 105 points where Rotary Club of Kakrvitta garbed the 1st Runner-up position scoring 65 points. Similarly Rotary Club of Birtamode became the 2nd Runner-up. Quiz was facilitated by the strong judge panel of Rtn. Raju Maharjan (President of Rotary Club of Kakarviitta), Rtn Jagdish Acharya (Charter President of Rotary Club of Damak), Rtn. Binay Raj Pokhrel (President Elect of Rotary Club of Birtamode), Rtn. Bhesh Raj Dhakal (Rotary Club of Bhadrapur), Rtn. Suresh Bansal (IPP of Rotary Club of Birtamode) & Rtn. Sujan Pradhan (Secretary of Rotary Club of Kakarvitta) On the official program, Rtn Raju Maharjan took the presidentship of the program, where Rtn. Jagdish Acharya kept the welcome speech & the rules & regulation of the contest. Rtn. Radeeka Gurung (President Elect of Rotary Club of Kakarvitta) gave the Vote of Thanks & Rtn. Sujan Pradhan conducted the program. Participants: Rotary Club of Kakarvitta 1. Rtn. Dr. Anandraj Khanal (Leader) 2. Rtn. Dilip Subedi 3. Rtn. Rudra Mainalee Rotary Club of Birtamode 1. Rtn. Bikendra Shrestha ( Leader) 2. Rtn. Amod Acharya 3. Rtn. Navin Gattani Rotary Club of Damak 1. Rtn. Sagar Shrestha (Leader) 2. Rtn. Nabin Kumar Agrawal 3. Rtn. Jhalaraj Gautam Rotary Club of Bhadrapur 1. Rtn. Bigat Ojha (Leader) 2. Rtn. Dhana Juju Shrestha 3. Rtn Kishor Kishore Parajuli

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