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DG Visit 2023-24

The official visit of District Governor Rajendra Prasad Dhoju to the Rotary Club of Kakarvitta was a significant event, held on 26th September 2023 at Hotel Grace. Accompanied by District Secretary Durga Subedi and Assistant District Secretary Nikita Giri, DG Dhoju engaged in a series of productive meetings with the club’s leadership and members.

The event commenced with a closed-door meeting with key club officials, including President Er. Rudra Mainalee, Secretary Bhagirath Rai, Treasurer Krishna Kanta Khaniya, President Elect Dr. Anandraj Khanal, and Immediate Past President Sujan Pradhan. This meeting focused on strategic discussions, financial reviews, and planning for future projects.

Following the closed-door meeting, the Club Assembly was held, where all committee chairs presented detailed reports on their respective areas. This session provided a comprehensive overview of the club’s activities, achievements, and plans, fostering transparency and collective decision-making.

The visit concluded with the Rotary Club of Kakarvitta’s weekly meeting, which included active participation from all members. This meeting served as a platform for general discussions, feedback, and networking, enhancing member engagement.

District Governor Rajendra Prasad Dhoju’s official visit was highly successful, marked by insightful discussions, thorough reviews, and collaborative planning. The Rotary Club of Kakarvitta benefited greatly from the guidance and support provided by DG Dhoju and his team, strengthening the club’s resolve to continue its impactful service to the community.

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